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Sarita Lynne Ministries

  The Princess House


Joshua Safe Haven

(click on the house to view video)


Residents of Sarita ‘Lynne Ministries (The Princess House & Joshua’s Safe Haven) will now embrace a new model of living, a model that depends not on the weakness of the flesh...but on the strength of the Spirit. SLM combines Christ-centered meetings, in-house Christian education, peer accountability, Virtual Reality, church services, and mentorship to plant individuals deeply in a sober life with Christ. The program is comprised of 3 phases, with increasing freedom and responsibility as residents remain in the program and prayerfully grow more mature in their faith and sobriety. Christ and honesty is the foundation of our program. Sarita ‘Lynne Ministries currently uses a variety of resources to aid in our residents’ Recovery:




Program Entry Fee $235.00

Dorm Fee Weekly $125.00


Residents will attend Christ-based church services every 3rd Sunday and during the month Church of their choice.(CHURCH) Collaborate with the community, H-Help with practical needs, U- Utilize volunteers, R- Remove the stigma, C-Care for & support individuals & families facing homelessness, substance use disorder addiction, H-offer Hope and Love.

Celebrate Recovery

A Christ-centered 12-step program developed and proven as a spiritual guide to recovery. Celebrate Recovery at Grace Baptist Church, Pastor Lavender

AA& NA Meetings

Outside AA & NA meetings are available and are an option for residents who wish to attend in addition to Celebrate Recovery.


In house Work Force Program being meaningfully employed and fiscally responsible is a foundation of our program and to become Self-Sufficient for a sober living.

Weekly Bible Study

IHOP and other community Churches and Minister participate in a weekly Bible study that addresses the issues that face a believer in recovery.

Holistic Approach- Health, Wellness and Life Skills

Health through meal preparation SNAP-Supplemental, Nutrition, Assistance Program- University of Missouri Extension.

Wellness-Private exercise trainer at The Port focusing on understanding “cardio” workout designed to increase and improve blood flow.

Life Skills-are the skills we need to deal effectively with the challenges in everyday life, whether at school, at work or in our personal lives

Weekly House Meetings

Residents will meet weekly to discuss house matters and report on their adherence to program standards.

Royal Community Christian Education

To offering an affordable associate degree presented in a safe Christian worldview environment. Our liberal arts associate degree program provides you with most, if not all, of the lower-division courses needed for the bachelor's degree. 


John 12:24

“Truly, Truly, I say you unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

A mother’s daughter’s life lived for GOD is bringing a harvest after her death. Such is the case with Sarita “Princess” whose life passionately lives for God’s people, even after her death at age 24, to bring a great fruit of harvest to women seeking Christ.

Even during her time of making wrong decisions, “Princess” was always inviting people to Christ and always talking to people about the love of God and being successful with a great big smile.

Scripture: II King 4: 8-10

A bed- A place to rest

A table-Nourishment where you feed yourself mental, naturally and physically

A chair/stole- Study, help with proper food

A lamp- Light- illumination and revelation being able to hear GOD.

Contact us on how you can be a blessing 816.561.0035